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Teacher Success Stories

Kathy B, a Pennsylvania K-12 school teacher contacted us about refinancing her current mortgage loan. Kathy was in a 30 Year fixed rate loan with 20 years remaining. Her monthly payment with taxes and insurance was $895 per month. We refinanced her into a 15 Year fixed rate loan at 2.875% and kept her monthly payment the same. Her realized savings are as follows. $895 per month x 12 = $10,740. Being that she went to a 15 year loan, she saved $10,740 x 5 years = $53,700 over the life of her loan.


Tom K, a Arizona K-12 Administrator and his wife Karen bought a new home and took out a 30 year mortgage with a 3.25% rate with a monthly  payment of $1109.77


Mary S, a Illinois teacher wanted to remodel her kitchen and two bathrooms including new cabinets, counter top and appliances. Total cost $19,400 to remodel. She also owed $6,000 on her auto loan.  We arranged a HELOC  (Home Equity Line of Credit) for $25,400 at 4.25% with a monthly payment of $124.95

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